Generous VPN Premium

Become a premium supporter and make an impact

The premium users support thousands of free users. Your generosity has an impact.

90% of free users are in developing countries with restrictive regimes. Places like Cuba, Myanmar, Vietnam etc. Giving these people access to a private and unrestricted internet connection makes the world a better place.

1 premium user supports about 50 free users
Get Premium - €24 / year👍 30 day money-back guarantee.

Oh and of course you get extra features...

Built-in adblock

Most ads will be blocked on any device using the Generous VPN adblock connection.

Heavy duty connection

High-powered connection with extra downloading-friendly features like a SOCKS5 proxy.

Higher encryption standards

Bypass more restrictions with Corporate level AES-128/UDP and Military grade AES-256/TCP.

No logging
Secure browsing
Unblocking websites
Regular security
Security on public wifi
Corporate encryption level⛔️
Military encryption level⛔️
Adblock option⛔️
Heavy duty downloading⛔️
Advanced SOCKS5 proxy⛔️
Support 50 free users⛔️
Get Premium - €24 / year👍 30 day money-back guarantee.