Generous VPN

A Free & Easy to Use VPN


Generous VPN is an Amsterdam run project that focusses on accessibility and ease of use. Most people don't need astronomical encryption, they just want to be protected from hackers at wifi hotspots, or stop governments from spying on them. It is easy to use and works on all major devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this project?

MMOH, a Dutch company run by Mentor Palokaj, see linkedin.

Why don't you track user activity?

We have zero interest in what you do, and couldn't even see what you do if we wanted to. That way you get the privacy you deserve, and we don't have to worry about monitoring people. Win-win. That's why activity logging has been entirely disabled on the VPN servers.

Will using Generous VPN make it impossible for anyone to see what I do?

The Generous VPN connection encrypts your internet so your connection to counter analysis of your activity or personal data. Online security is more than that however. We can't protect you from people standing behind you looking at your screen or other security threats outside of your connection.

On which devices does Generous VPN work?

Generous VPN has been tested to work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS devices. Most other devices will work as well, but have not been as extensively tested.

Will Generous VPN increase my internet speeds?

Under some circumstances (e.g. some ISP throttles) it can increase speed. The VPN servers use Tier-1 Gb/s data uplinks. If you are using torrent downloading software it is however possible that it takes slightly longer to reach your maximum speeds.